Touchdesigner Meetup #3


Powerhouse Moscow


2020/03/05 16:00

We announce the third meetup of the Moscow Touchdesigner community.

The conference will take place on 7PM, March 5th in the legendary local venue Powerhouse Moscow. They are offering bar and kitchen with an excellent selection of dishes and drinks for our joint dinner. Admission is free by registration, donations are welcome and international cards are accepted.

The programme includes the latest news digest from the world of multimedia, lectures from our special guests, skill sharing panel, Touch Battle, “Creation” game homework showcase and cool music. Take your laptops to participate in all activities!

The programme of the event:

Opening at 7PM

1 / Welcome, gathering guests

2 / Overview of the latest news in the field of multimedia and Touchdesigner

3 / Skill sharing

4 / Dinner break

5 / Touch Battle

6 / Music, drinks, connections

/ End 23:00

Category "Creation".

Touchdesigner homework game on assigned theme.

Upcoming theme: "Translate".

At the event you can show your results and share the best practices.

We will also be happy to work personally with your questions, especially if you are new to Touchdesigner and visual programming.

Special thanks to the space Instudio @ for their venue provided for two previous meetings and their friendly atmosphere.

Let there be light!