The Touchdesigner Roundtable Moscow is a meeting point for creatives and developers that work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner099 as well as everybody that is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it.

History and plans

We welcome people of all colors, sexes and orientations to join us in the exploration of art and technology.

Each meetup is kicked of by a free introduction to TouchDesigner for everybody who is curious about the software and the creative possibilities that come along with it. After diner we gather around the digital campfire, discuss ongoing projects and help each other with advice, critique, tips and tricks.

Occasionally we will connect live to the Derivative team in Toronto for the newest insights about the development of out favorite tool.

Help the community grow and contribute to the meetings by bringing your project, topics and challenges to the table. Get in touch with if you want to know more.

Our Network

@vjschool - VJ SCHOOL
@resolume - Resolume
@TdFarEast - Touchdesigner Far East
@notch_notes - NOTCH_NOTES_ru
@flux20YY - BYOB 20YY
@avstreamchat - AVStream
@ventuzdesigner - Ventuz
@UnrealEngine4 - Unreal Engine
@unity3d_ru -
@multimedia_world - multimedia world
@motiontalk - MOTION TALK
@AeHackathon - #Ae_Hackathon_01
@svetovik_info - Художники по свету, световики.
@cg_party - CG Party
@karpik_realtime - karpik.realtime
@blender_ru - Blender_ru: вопрос-ответ
@mlart_chat - MediaArt + ML
@xr_help - xr \ ar \ etc
@cgchatnumberone - CG ЧАТ №1
@realtime_school - Realtime School

Digital Dmitrii

Flux20YY & BYOB

Our team

Alexander Dzhezus

Denis Novikov

Ekaterina Kalashnikova

Aleksei Karpik

Dmitrii Vitkov



New York City

Pankow Visual Artists
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NYC, New York 10038
United States of America